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Maileg’s Big Sister Mouse in Box 2019 comes dressed in her favorite nightgown. She feels very snug and safe in her beautifully decorated matchbox. This is where she disappears to when she is tired, sad, in need of a nap or sometimes just to think and to relax. Most of the day though, she is out and about playing and exploring the neighborhood.


She’s a very curious mouse and likes to have a lot of fun with a little human friend. She loves to play hide-and-seek and enjoys baking cheese cake. If it was up to her, then she would try out a new recipe every week. After hours of play and laughter it is time to say goodnight and to retreat back into her comfortable matchbox. Only a little while later, you can hear soft snoring noises emerging from the matchbox. Good night sweet mouse girl, until tomorrow!

Big Sister Mouse

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